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MusicZed is a Zambian music streaming and purchasing app dedicated for users to stream and purchase music created by Zambian and other African artists. Users can pay a membership fee to stream or purchase music of their favorite artists. Users are also able to see what music and events are trending on the app. Artists can upload content such as Tour Dates, Live Performances, Album Launches, and Listening Parties. The advantage is that purchasing the music will enable the user to listen to it even without internet connectivity.

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Our Mission

To be the most relied music streaming and purchasing app in Zambia and other parts of Africa as we aim to reach out, and have our app accessible to anyone around the world. We aim to provide high quality music, create a good correlation experience between user and artist through the events they post, and reduce piracy as the purchased music can only be played on the app. The goal is to be a continentally recognized brand as the continental-roll-out will come in phases by first targeting the SADC region countries, and eventually the entire African continent at large.

How it Works

MusicZed is a Zambian music streaming and purchasing app dedicated for users to stream and purchasemusic created by Zambian and other African artists. The idea is for users to pay a membership fee in order to listen to music, and download music of their favorite artist. Also, an artist will have a platform to announce and upload content dedicated to fans e.g. Tour Dates, Live Performances, Album Launches and Listening Parties.

This will help artists and their fans have an online co-relation experience. The introduction of this app will reduce piracy concerns and illegal streaming methods to obtain music, because the musical content will not leave the app even if it is downloaded. The advantage of purchasing and downloading the music is that, the user will be able to listen to the music even without internet connectivity; meaning that, once a user buys music through our online payment system, it will be downloaded and stored on the app, ready to be listened to even if the user doesnt have bundles or airtime to surf the app online.

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